The University of Montana School of Journalism travels to Pune, India!

We are 23 university students, mostly at the University of Montana School of Journalism, who are going to be studying environmental reporting and writing in India this January. With four faculty members and a teaching assistant, we’ll be going to a Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in central India for a week (how cool is that!) to study the effects of tourist and native populations on the tigers.

We'll also be learning about environmental issues in and around Pune, India’s eighth largest city, southeast of Mumbai. In Pune, we will be hosted by FLAME, a liberal-arts college situated in the Western Ghats, an area of rich biodiversity, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the help of FLAME faculty, we will delve into a variety of environmental and ecological issues of the region, and learn more about the Indian subcontinent.

On field trips, we will travel in groups to locations within a day’s drive of Pune, chosen for a specific environmental issue or cluster of issues. There, with help from local experts, we will examine these issues closely, interview local experts and residents, and collect notes, visual and audio information and documents.

We’ll post our work on this site, as well as some information about each of us. We’ll also have a daily blog, attached to this site, where we’ll be posting our news and insights daily from India.

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